Gujarat TRB Jawan Rules and Regulations 2024

Do you guys know how much power TRB has and what is its main function if any of your vehicles stop and tell you like this then you can also fight for your right. Today we will give you complete information about what are the main functions of a TRB jawan and where to complain about any mistake made by him.

What is TRB: Friends, now let me give you information about what TRB stands for. So there will be police but not TRB Jawan. Cannot be called police, who help in traffic regulation, is called TRB.

Know what are the main powers given to TRB: Friends, if you don’t know about what are the main powers of TRB jawans, talking about the functions of TRB jawans, they don’t have the same powers as traffic police but their function is to regulate traffic. No other authority is conferred.

In operations like TRB i.e. Traffic Brigade, there is no checking or checking of documents, their job is only to manage the traffic and check that there is no hindrance in the increasing movement of vehicles.

Friends, TRB jawan cannot stop any vehicle but all the responsibilities of stopping the vehicle are with traffic branch employee, this work is not of TRB jawan.

TRB jawan can make memos: No, TRB jawan can’t make a memo. He is not given any power to make a memos. No TRB jawan can stop the vehicle driver, and he can’t ask for any kind of document. The main function of stopping vehicles or checking their documents is with the traffic police and not with the TRB.

TRB Jawan Recruitment and their working tenure: Friends’ daily duty of TRB Jawan is 8 hours, and they can serve up to 3 years as per recruitment in Ahmedabad.

How to keep vehicle documents on mobile: Now, if you don’t want to keep your vehicle document, then you can keep this document on your mobile too; for that, you can keep your document in the Mparivahan App or Digilocker App.