What Happens When You Start Oiling Your Belly Button

Putting oil in your belly button, also known as navel oiling or the Pechoti method, has recently gained popularity, with claims of various health benefits.

Navel oiling involves applying a few drops of oil, typically castor oil, to the belly button. Proponents of the practice claim that the oil is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, leading to various health benefits

No scientific evidence supports any of the claimed health benefits of navel oiling. The skin in the belly button is no more absorbent than the skin elsewhere on the body, and there is no evidence that oils applied topically can enter the bloodstream in significant amounts.

When the baby is in the mother’s body, it gets all its nutrition and breathing through the umbilical cord. When a baby is born, the umbilical cord separates it from the mother’s womb.

It is said that 72000 nadis are connected to the navel. Applying oil to the navel has a direct effect on our bodies. The navel is the center of all nadis.

Massaging oil in the navel in this way is very beneficial. This oil goes directly into the nadi through the pores in the navel.